Build and protect your bones while boosting your nutritional value!

Greens+ bone builder contains a synergistic blend of the most powerful bone-building antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It includes: Vitamins C, D3, Lycopene and 3 forms Calcium. 

Genuine Health Greens+ Bone Builder

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    Benefits: Greens+ bone builder feeds your body the most important bone-building nutrients, helping to stimulate bone formation (via osteoblasts), inhibit cells which break down bone (osteoclasts), promote alkalinity in the body to retain minerals, prevent oxidative stress and maximize Calcium absorption, and reduce risk for osteoporosis, bone fractures and curvature of the spine.


    • Superfoods
    • Bone & Joint Health
    • Digestive Health
    • Energy & Vitality
    • pH Acid/Alkaline

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