International Business I Crowns On Royalty

Once you have done all the formalities and registered the type of business you want to manage. Here are some crucial and fundamental functions for your start up business:

(1) Produce or provide some goods and/or services.

(2) Market and target the same to your potential buyers or consumers.

(3) Remember that the basic function of your business is namely your production and how you market. They go hand in hand with one another.

(4) Depending on the product or service you are marketing, qualified skills will be required. Professionalism is a must.

(5) Think Service. Do you want your clients to return? Yes or No.

(6) Extensive studies have shown that the best feeling to a business owner (regardless of the size of your company) is when customers attend your business-place or experience your product/services based on a great referral from people who have tried, tested and witness said service or product.

(7) Always adhere to the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. Honesty and Integrity goes a long way in building business longevity.

Stay ahead of the curve and enjoy life! #CleanLifeTribe


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