Let Us All Participate In Protecting Our Women and Girls. Complete Wellness Is Self-Care.

When women are targeted online, the abuse is likely to be sustained, sexualized and linked to offline violence.

Ending cyber misogyny and abuse starts with all of us. Do not sit quietly — speak up. That woman or girl could be your mother, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, neighbour or colleague.

Cyber-bullying is a form of bullying that takes place in a virtual space and is at times of a sexual nature. It is not limited or subjected to a specific group of women and can be experienced even by the most intelligent of people.

Cyber-sexual violence, on the other hand, primarily targets girls and women in a sexual manner. It is tied, among other things, to sexism and misogyny. Nevertheless, the two behaviours have common features:

Accessibility and relentlessness — The attacks may be experienced at any hour of any day in typically “safe” locations such as your homes. Late nights, before winding down to bed and early mornings, so you awake with awful messages. Sometimes totally random.

Anonymity — Perpetrator(s) can use deception or anonymity to undertake their activities.

Audience —The online realm and social apps has a potentially huge audience.

Loss of inhibitions —Perpetrator(s) feel less empathy and find it easier to be cruel and reckless when they cannot see or be seen by their targets.

Don't be an accessory to any crimes by participating knowingly and voluntarily in the commissioning of criminal acts.

Think for yourselves. Never conform to a wrong under any circumstances. It is important that we educated and caution our young ladies about the identifying signs and do not hesitate to notify the proper authorities.

Remember: 'The Upholders are worst than the Thieves.'

To Be Prudent Is A Huge Part Of Complete Wellness.

Stay ahead of the curve and enjoy life!

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