Is Keith Scotland The Right Choice For The People of T&T? When Will He Return My Retainer Money?

Mr. Keith Scotland - Attorney at Law with 20 years call.

Ms. Keisha Kydd-Hannibal - Instructing Attorney at Law, Under 5 years call.

Dear Mr. Keith Scotland

Attorney at Law, Trinidad and Tobago.

You may attempt to fool the public but you cannot fool me. You showed professional incompetence and misconduct during my legal matter.

How can you expect the citizens to have confidence in your abilities to parent an entire constituency with strong leadership, transparency and accountability?

We need responsible and accountable leaders, Right?

I came to you in good faith because I was referred by my elderly parents.

I attended your office and sat with both you and Ms. Kydd-Hannibal about a re-occurring Human Rights infringement pattern that I observed and continued to experience. One of the issues begun a few days after my vehicle arrived in Trinidad and I refused to sell it to an employee in the Plipdeco's office.

Approximately One (1) year later I became exhausted of being mislead by persons in authority, given the runaround in circles, a growing financial cost in US dollars for monthly vehicle rentals and experiencing blatant racism.

I decided that an attorney was needed to handle this issue; and to correct a legal wrong. Your service was needed especially when I was out of the Country's jurisdiction.

At the time of my attendance and conference meeting with you both, we discussed the following:

(A) The wavier letter that was now needed from Plipdeco's committee. Bullying and discriminatory tactics in refusing to hand over my vehicle in spite of having done and provided all requirements as per Customs and Excise, the Ministry of Trade & Industry, Ministry of Finance exception, Cargo and all other expenses paid in full, along with the attendance of my custom broker in accordance with the stipulations and regulations.

(B) A medical bill which I incurred after being served toxic plastic in my food at the Hyatt Regency hotel's regency room in Trinidad and Tobago at Easter which took me to West Shore Medical Hospital from food poisoning and discomfort.

You assured and advised me that both legal matters was not complicated and would be dealt with forthwith. We further agreed that a tow truck would be provided and my vehicle to be taken to the Mazda dealership mechanic for an assessment service in order for the licensing office to enable my vehicle road ready.

I provided ALL previous and current documents. You were both instructed to liaison with my broker for an amicable remedy and resolution.

I retained service at your office of Virtus Chambers on June 4th 2019.

(1) On July 29th, 2019 you sent an unsigned hand delivered letter addressed to The Manager/The Committe at PLIPDECO House in Point Lisas. Given both your years of call, one should know that a legal letter always accompany a signature.

(2) You then sent my broker and I to pick up my vehicle in Point Lisas, only to be informed once again by Christopher Bharat (the bully) that he was not releasing my vehicle. That was visit #7 from my residing residence in Diego Martin over a period of 1.5 years.

(3) Sent a letter to Hyatt Regency Trinidad and Tobago with incorrect information about the contaminated food incident, without having me read your drafted letter which I explicitly instructed Ms. Kydd-Hannibal to do that I may ensure all information enclosed was accurate and truthful. That was never corrected.

(4) On July 29, 2019 together with my broker, I paid to the Ministry of Finance, Customs and Excise Division the sum of $13,439.62 TTD plus an additional $100.00 TTD. Together with my brother on said day, we hand delivered the official Ministry receipt to Keisha Hannibal-Kydd and spoke with you on a three way conference. You both did nothing.

(5) On August 19, 2019, you received a written response from Ms. Merle Jennifer Dennis, manager of Legal Services for Plipdeco. And despite providing you once more with all the documents I originally gave to Ms. Hannibal-Kydd and witnessing her assistant photocopy them to be placed in file. You did nothing.

(6) Never followed up on Hyatt Regency. Did not mitigate or made any effort to mediate in either case. However, you kept assuring me that you were dealing with the matter, while you incompetently and neglectfully sat on pleadings and evidence that further increased my damages and the depreciation of my asset at Plipdeco.

(7) Lawyers and officers of the court globally are trained to respect the essence of time-management/case management skills and to execute a duty of care in handling client's matters in a timely fashion. You did nothing.

(8) Due to your lack of professional ethics and your duty to safe-guard my constitutional rights, I sought the assistance of S.C. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj in San Fernando and paid a further $1,500.00 TTD for Independent Legal Advice from him. Who then referred to Mr. Jagdeo Singh, Attorney a Law in Port-Of-Spain. Who held a second copy of the file for several months. While you continued to do nothing.

(9) Finally in October I responded to Ms. Dennis myself via an email with all relevant documents in an attachment, because you offered no updates and was unreachable. In December 2019, upon entering Trinidad, I wrote to you about the return of my retainer money.

(10) I informed you that this matter will be reported to the Law Association. You responded stating that you were in another island working on a murder case and to give you more time to correct the issue. Meanwhile, your secretary responded to my telephone message in conversation stating that you were in Port-of-Spain, High Court.

Being of sound mind I decided that 'enough is enough' and sought the assistance of my local Diego Martin MP's office where I obtained assistance.

It was not until I contacted, Ms. Richards, Citizens’ Facilitation Manager, at the OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER, that I got complete relief and resolution dated February 17, 2020. By that time, the COVID-19 global pandemic was already upon us here in Canada and the rest of the world, at which point I will arrange the removal of my vehicle per a conversation with Ms. Dennis, once borders are reopened.

I want you to know that the facts are:

(a) You still owe me a return on my retainer given to you in trust. I immediately paid a retainer of $8,000.00 TTD of the $10,000 TTD on June 4th, 2019.

(b) That your conduct is a disgrace to the robes, as well as, the many lawyers and other in the legal profession who work tirelessly to lift the standards of the bar every day for their clients and to bring about justice in upholding the rule of law and democracy for all.

(c) In retrospect and in principle, you might not have ever been acting as my attorney in good faith or in my best interest, but perhaps stalling and collecting comparative information for both your employers. If that be the case you are not in keeping with the Oath you both swore to uphold and honour.

(d) You have violated my trust and perpetuate my damages admits this Intentional Tort. Not once did you apply to the Court of T&T for an Order.

(e) Due to the seriousness COVID-19 and protocols in effect by both Trinidad and Tobago and Canada we are at a stand still. This was not foreseeable and completely unavoidable. However, you have a legal obligation to return my earned monies as set out in the Act. This was trust money for services you did not render.

The Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago, as a governing body has an obligation to be impartial and should invest extra time in the improvement and regulating of the conduct, competence and capacity of their Lawyers, Paralegal and those in the legal profession. Where warranted, wrong actions must have mandatory consequences in all areas.

I highly recommend and encourage members of the public to bring to light conduct of this nature done by people in authority who are outfitted to navigate us competently. Especially expats, returning nationals, people who have migrated at a tender age and who are unfamiliar with the system or cultural mindset of locals where we rely solely on the honesty and integrity of our professionals.

'Exhibits, Correspondences, Brokers File and more will be inserted in our business publishing over time separately, to assist others and members of the public who may encounter similar situations when assimilating or adapting into their new environment.'


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