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​Small Business Start Up Solutions

Registration, Advertising & Branding

Business-Plan Consulting & Management

Corporate Travel Management

Specialized Staffing/Virtual Assist

Registered Social Workers

Wellness & Self-Care Support

E-Commerce Website Builders

Educational Resources & Seminars

Culture: Promotion, Musical Talent & Concert

Outsourcing: Small, Medium or Large Enterprises


Gender equality, diversity and employment equity are important to economic participation and decision-making enhancement.


Our knowledgeable, qualified, trained team take pride in building and strengthening strategic alliances. We specifically focused on our youth empowerment to achieve new heights and a stronger more stable society.

"Shop Small & Shop Local"


Providing trustworthy 'effectiveness and efficiency' from start to finish.  


As a catalyst for positive change, we have a history of engaging business owners, people and staff members to generate new innovative ideas, thus increasing personal and professional performance strategically with clarity. Rest assured we will always do it right.


Scrub Lavishly has carefully hand-crafted, pure, all natural infused sugarcane and honey ingredients to formulate body and facial products for you, your entire families and friends.


Ethically sourced and cruelty free organics. Honouring our eco-friendliness plus environmental sustainability. Customer's  satisfaction and customization at its best. Be sure to write a review.